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May 11, 2015 at 9:00 AM EDT

ModusLink Expands E-Commerce Solutions to Help Companies Quickly and Easily Sell Directly to Consumers

End-to-End, Full Service Capabilities Simplify Storefront Setup, Product Fulfillment, Returns Management and More, Streamlining Customers’ Supply Chains Worldwide

WALTHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 11, 2015-- ModusLinkGlobal Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: MLNK), a global, omni-channel technology and fulfillment provider, today announced it has strengthened its end-to-end, full service e-Commerce solutions through significant investment in new e-fulfillment operations, technology and processes.

With an increasing amount of brands making the decision to sell goods direct to consumers, many companies find they need to rapidly create a robust online store and efficient fulfillment, shipping and delivery functionality that ties directly into their existing supply chain operations. Companies that succeed create a seamless, positive buying experience for consumers. If the buying experience is difficult, or the goods don’t arrive on time and in perfect condition, consumers could easily decide to not buy direct or to seek out a competitor.

ModusLink’s services enable companies to focus on bringing new innovations to life – while ModusLink focuses on perfecting the product journey from click to doorstep, managing all aspects of the process, including customer service, payment management, quality control, shipment, delivery, call centers and the returns process. ModusLink’s automated and modular e-Commerce solutions can handle as much or as little as a customer needs to compliment, improve or create a strong, efficient and cost-effective direct-to-consumer business.

“Designing and Managing an end-to-end supply chain is time consuming and complex in today’s global economy, taking efforts away from what our customers do best – developing and marketing great products,” said John Boucher, CEO and President of ModusLink. “We remain committed to providing customers with the latest supply chain and e-Commerce technologies and most efficient solutions. Our latest investment will continue to improve our costs, quality and delivery, while ensuring customers have the positive brand experience they’ve come to expect from ModusLink.”

Key capabilities of ModusLink’s new end-to-end full service e-Commerce solutions include:

  • Quick Online Store Set-Up: ModusLink handles the various aspects of setting up a company’s online shop, from laying out the actual pages to supporting the back-end technology, such as hosting and maintenance. ModusLink’s integrated enterprise-level e-Commerce platform offers three deployment options: public SaaS (software-as-a-service), private SaaS and a traditional license format with managed services. These options provide flexibility to suit the differing needs of companies, such as on-demand capacity, scalability, data privacy and control. Other features include multichannel support, order management, address verification and mobile compatibility.
  • Online Business Management: By managing the product catalog, as well as pricing and facilitating various promotional campaigns for different products, ModusLink helps companies optimize traffic arriving on their branded online store. By providing performance analytics, such as website traffic and bounce rates, ModusLink enables companies to make business-improving decisions. With these insights, companies can quickly understand how well certain initiatives are performing and make adjustments as needed.
  • Financial Management Services: For a global company, ensuring that consumers can pay in their own local currency is a difficult feat. Individual countries have various payment options which need to be correct at launch, or you risk permanently upsetting a consumer. ModusLink’s financial management services automate what used to be a costly and time-consuming project for companies – facilitating the entire financial activity chain of the order, including payment processing, fraud management, invoicing, refunds and reconciliation. Available across 28 countries, ModusLink’s global payment solution (MGPS) allows consumers to purchase products online through trusted and familiar transactions, while providing various localization and VAT reporting capabilities.
  • Customer Service: ModusLink enables customer service agents to have full visibility of the order process, so they can provide support as needed during each phase of the sales cycle, including purchase, payment, product and returns. Visibility into the supply chain enables agents to verify a consumer’s eligibility to return a product and issue a return merchandise authorization (RMA) quickly and efficiently. Agents can connect with consumers via phone or email and multilingual support ensures end-user consumers can always communicate in their preferred language.
  • Order Fulfillment: As e-Commerce has evolved, consumers have become accustomed to easily purchasing and returning products online, at any time they wish. More importantly, accompanying this is a growing expectation that products be shipped immediately after purchase and delivered not long thereafter. ModusLink’s state-of-the-art fulfillment capability provides efficient and flexible storage, coupled with high speed picking solutions. Combining this with ModusLink’s postponement capabilities gives companies the ability to quickly meet demand while maintaining lower levels of inventory. ModusLink supports the full delivery process of the product, from fulfilling product customization requests to gift wrapping, messaging and customized packaging. Due to its global footprint, ModusLink has access to multiple carrier options, ensuring fast and affordable shipping options, with tracking and visibility throughout the entire process.

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About ModusLink Global Solutions Inc.
ModusLink Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of ModusLink Global Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: MLNK), is a global, omni-channel technology and fulfillment provider that gives clients real-time visibility into their end-to-end supply and demand chain operations, with expertise and facilities worldwide to manage forward and reverse logistics. ModusLink is also affiliated with @Ventures which provides venture capital and growth resources to early stage clean technology companies. The company’s operations are supported by more than 25 sites across North America, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region. For more information, please visit

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